Essential Dad Stuff Car Air Freshener 5-Pack

Essential Dad Stuff Car Air Freshener 5-Pack

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This item is on pre-order & will start shipping December 13th (In time for the holidays)! 

The design:

The answer to “What’s that smell?” just got more Dad. Each iconic dad item and phrase is infused with a refreshing scent so invigorating your passengers will forget to ask, “Are we there yet?”

The details:
  • 5 Dad themed air freshener in custom scents
  1. Cargo Shorts (Smells like fresh laundry)
  2. Grill Tongs (Smells like a neighborhood cookout)
  3. Dad Sneakers (Smells like fresh kicks straight out of the box)
  4. Smells Like Updog In Here (Smells like Calming Lavender)
  5. You Can Hold It Until You Get Here (Smells like Tranquil Waters)
  • Long lasting fragrance that release aroma for weeks
  • Made in The USA
      The delight:
      • FREE high fives from other dudes who know the deal