Trophy Husband air freshener pack

Trophy Husband air freshener pack

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This item is on pre-order & will start shipping December 13th (In time for the holidays)! 

The design:

You’re more than some trophy with a devastatingly handsome exterior. It’s what’s inside that counts. And on the inside, your car smells really nice.

The details:
  • 3 Trophy Husband air fresheners in custom scents:
  1. Zen AF (Smells like calming lavender)
  2. Clean Cargo Shorts (Smells like fresh laundry)
  3. Ocean Waves on a Kid-Free Beach (Smells like tranquil waters)
  • Long lasting fragrance that release aroma for weeks
  • Made in The USA
      The delight:
      • FREE high fives from other dudes who know the deal