The Dad Law
The Dad Law
The Dad Law
The Dad Law

The Dad Law

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 Finally, the unwritten rules of dadhood have been, well, written. When a kid says they're hungry? You MUST say "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad." If you drive into a new town, you MUST comment on the prices of gas. Door open? You MUST ask if the kids were raised in a barn. It's not a choice. It's a law — a Dad Law. For thousands of years, and for thousands to come, these are the rules. And now they're finally all in one place.

The details:
  • "4.87 x 7.12" 
  • ~202 pages
  • Faux leather cover
  • Black/White text
  • Written by Ally Probst, and Joel Willis.
      The delight:
      • FREE high fives from other dudes who know the deal